Christina George Photography

Ya'll this is Tina, She is seriously awesome... no FOR REAL! She and her husband Timmy are one of the sweetest, loving and fun couples ever! Tina and I talked about me getting some head shots done for my photography page a few months ago, but we never got around to it, until now (she and Timmy took most of the photos for this site). As a photographer myself, I never have any Tina to the rescue! Not only is she an awesome photographer, but she is a jewel of a friend.

Q: What do you do and why?

A: My name is Christina George and I am a professional photographer at Christina George Photography! Photography is one of my passions. It might sound corny, but I feel like photography was something I was meant to do! It brings me joy, challenges me, and helps me to grow in the profession as well as a person.

Q: How did you get started? How have you grown/ developed over time? 

A: When I was in high school I took a photography class and absolutely loved it. Once it was time for college, I decided to study more about photography and earned my Associate Degree in Professional Photography.

  • Professionally, it’s shown me that going through a slow season isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I take the time to educate myself more and more, whether that’s practicing taking photos of others or watching tons of videos from artists that I look up to in the profession and growing from their wisdom.
  • Personally, my business has pushed me to come out of my shell more and more; I’m an introvert at heart and love to stay inside my comfort zone!

Q: What glimpses of Jesus have you seen through your work?

A: Jesus went above and beyond for people. With my clients, I always want to go above and beyond for them and serve them well. If a client wants to do a specific pose, I always work it into my routine, and I almost always provide a few more pictures than what my contract requires, just so I make sure that I captured that “perfect moment” for my client. I believe that even little things, if done with a servant’s heart, are the best way to go above and beyond and show Jesus to my clients.

Q: What's your goal for your brand?

A: I want to be remembered for providing amazing photographs that successfully captured beautiful moments and memories. There is only one way I will get there: refine, refine, refine. Processes can be improved, techniques can be perfected, and quality can be increased. My life personally correlates to my goal through my natural personality.

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