Get out the boat

In 2017, I decided to kick fear in the face! One of my biggest fears has always been the fear of the unknown. Fear has a tendency to be a big bully in our lives if we don’t keep it in check. It can have you easily forgetting who are and what your calling is.

Think about this- 

Peter had to get out of the boat to walk towards Jesus on the storm ridden Sea of Galilee. Bruh was probably mad scared, but He decided to go for it anyway. That’s the first step in facing fears- GET OUT OF THE BOAT! If there’s something God has called you to do sometimes you just have to throw yourself out there even when it’s unknown. The truth is... it’s not unknown to God. And because He’s a loving father He’s not going to play you.

Peter only fell when he took his eyes off of Jesus. That’s what happens to us when we allow our fear to over take us. The good news is Peter had the faith to get back up. The passage ends with him AND Jesus climbing back into the boat. He didn’t allow his fear to let him drown. 

It’s faith that unlocks the door to the presence & power of God, not fear. Peter went on to lead the disciples in spreading the gospel because it’s faith that unlocks the purpose of God in your life.

The enemy wants to test the calling on your life. He wants fear to consume you so that you wont walk through into your purpose BUT today we kick fear in the face and choose faith to do what God has called us to do.