Post it Note to My Younger Self

Dear younger Jaz,

You are incredible, you might not always feel incredible, but that doesn't mean you aren't. You are a true gift that deserves to be cherished. 

Don't stop running track after you get hurt. Just rehab it. You are supposed to go to nationals... the trials... then to Rio.

Also, take Spanish seriously... for real try to learn it and become bilingual. That will make you super marketable and even more dope.

You should really reconsider which clubs and organizations you join in college... don't miss out on the parties. You need to experience them- this IS college.

Go study abroad.

Listen to the Holy Spirit and don't settle for something God told you to wait on. He's going to tell you to slow down and think about major decisions in your life. 

Wait for the peace from the Lord and don't accept anything other than greatness... not perfection... greatness. 

You are than stronger than you think.

You will have an opportunities to use your voice...use it. 

Love yourself fiercely.