#doit17 | Dominican Republic-Días Cuatro y Cinco

Days 4-5:  - the slingshot

Can I just start by saying I hiked a mountain?! ME! I did! At 4 AM at that! 💪🏾Okay, so if you know me, you know I am NOT an outdoorsy girl. I prefer the finer things in life...like AC and electricity (which would make you think, why in the world would I even come on this trip), but I digress. When in Rome... so here I am at the foot of the trail with my head lamp (well, Lynn's headlamp ) I was prepared...I was ready! I'm hiking ya'll... and the whole time I'm like look at me go! I'm outside begin all adventurous and stuff...look at me! I'm hiking and hiking...over the river and through the woods literally ( I stepped in the river actually). And finally, I made it to the top! Now mind you, it was still pitch dark. The sweetest moment wasn't even the sunrise (although that was pretty sweet) it was the moment we started to worship. Songs of how majestic the Lord truly is as we gazed upon His artwork painting in the sky...WOW😱! The fact that He placed me in such a moment so that I could see how big, how creative... how thoughtful He is blows my mind. Up there on that mountain I feel like He was a telling me that just as He brought to this special time, He's preparing me for a new adventure. I felt like He was telling me that He desires more for and from me. So into the slingshot I go, to be catapulted right into my calling. 

When we got back to camp, (yes we had to hike back down... who knew?!  someone almost lost their life...we made a human chain ...went the long way...Hannah and Chad renewed their vows 😍etc... minor details lol...) Bryanna, such a sweet gentle soul, washed my feet. I was going to wash them bc they were sore and lets face it...they were stinky lol. BUT she said that she wanted to serve Emma and I in this way. The rest of the team actually got their feet washed (see John 13) before coming on the trip, but since we live in Texas we didn't get to participate. This is a moment I will forever...her heart for serving. There have been so many moments on this trip where I felt like the Lord was confirming His promises and the calling on my life. This trip signifies the moment right before you let go of the slingshot.