#doit17 | Dominican Republic-Día TRES

Day Three:  the FULLNESS

Day three was filled with lots of revelation from the Lord for me.  The first started early in the morning...probably around 2 or 3 AM. I just climbed out of my mosquito net to go pee when I saw them. The stars... at that moment I realized just how long it had been since I'd see any. Living in a major city makes it nearly impossible to see any celestial magic, so seeing this... I was in awe. Not just because of the peaceful quiet, but in awe of the masterful handiwork of the Creator of the universe.

Later that day... In between cries lol , I was lead to read about Moses making the exodus to the promise land which is funny because it's just one of those stories you know.  Basically, this story reminded me that God wants us to walk in the FULLNESS of His promises. We should settle for mediocrity. Don't settle for a down grade, which Jesus the BEST is ours! (check out more on this story in the post called The FULLNESS cont.) 

Day three was one of my favorite days because during our home visit, we got to meet my friend Ciriaco Medina! Mr. Medina is a farmer and spends most of his days in the fields harvesting corn and herding goats. We were really lucky to catch him while he was taking a break for lunch. Each time we stop at a home with kids, we invite them to VBS in the evening. Mr. Medina told us that he wished that he could be a  Christian , but he couldn't ever make it to church because he has to work the fields. God provided us an incredible opportunity to share with him the gospel and reassurance that he didn't even have to go to church to be a Christian. He told us that he had never heard this truth and wanted to accept Jesus into his heart at that moment. We prayed with him and he became a Christ follower at 62 years old that very day! Ya'll when I tell you my heart was full... it was SO FULL! 

He's life is forever changed all because he made the choice to allow Jesus to become the LORD of his life. He can now walk in the fullness of all that God has for him whether he's worshipping on the cattle hills or in the church building. God is so good!