#doit17 | Dominican Republic-Día DOS

Let me preface this by saying days two and three were mostly spend in tears. LOL. I was a mess ya'll, I was a big ball of tears...which is WAYYYY out of character for me. I believe it was the LORD's way of cleansing me from the inside, for all He was preparing to fill me up with during the trip. I can't really explain it any other way... I hear this is common for mission trippers.

Tears of joy will stream down their faces,
and I will lead them home with great care.
They will walk beside quiet streams
and on smooth paths where they will not stumble...
— Jeremiah 31:9

Day TWO: This is Amazing Grace

 The second day consisted of home visits to our hang out with sponsor kids and their families. This was super dope because each year our church puts out a call to support a kiddo in the DR. What's really cool is getting an opportunity to actually meet the sponsor child that you've been loving on from across the world. Sooooo cool! One of our sweet translators, Yacaris, took us to three or four homes to meet with everyone.  She told us that the families appreciate getting letters from us because it's good to know that people all the way in America care about them...through the love of Jesus, people who have never physically met them, care enough to pray for them. They said it's like a little encouragement knowing people care. Moral of the story... if you support or sponsor any kids around the world...YOUR letters matter. They are being read...actually they are being cherished (I saw some letters hung up around the houses).  

On Day Two I thanked the Lord for His provision and grace ...the gift of solitude. It was interesting to see how although, God called us to come on the trip to work (build latrines...more on that later), He also used it to allow us to rest during this time...resting in the abundance that He's provided us with  the ability to be without distraction. All so we can hear His voice. He's such a loving father.

Two Highlights from Day Two were:

  1. Claudia, our hospitality host mom, heard from the Lord that someone was a vegetarian on the trip. THE LORD TOLD HER! It was me!!! Guys! Do you know that she specifically went out of her way to provide a veggie meal for me EVERY day?! She bought broccoli just for me! It doesn't see like a huge deal, but when you consider how little our host village family has, I'm moved to tears thinking about much she loved me... enough to want to accommodate me! How gracious is she?! I speak blessings all over her sweet life!
  2. Meeting the kids for the first time! Ahh I loved them so much! They met us at the gate each morning with smiling faces. Running with expectancy to see what the day held. It reminds me of how we should wake up with expectancy of what the Lord has for us each day! Just like the kiddos were excited to see what we hard planned for them, we should also wake up with that same joy...running to see what cool plans the Lord has for us each day!

Thus ending Day 2!