#doit17 | Dominican Republic-Día UNO

Wow. Where do I even start about my trip to the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴? Incredible is an understatement, there's no way I could ever put enough adjectives words down on one page to describe to you the experience and encounter I had in the DR. But I'll try! The photos will also help, only to an extent. REMEMBER, what I'm about to share is only a glimpse of the grace, mercy and favor showered down from heaven. FYI, this will be a series of posts...

I'll start from the beginning... that's typically the best place to start right?

Day 1: go.serve.love ❤️

Our flight left super on Saturday morning from San Antonio. Luckily for me, I got to fly out with two of my favorite people (hey Emma, hey PC). Even though I didn't have an aisle seat the whole time, our flights actually weren't that bad. We flew into Atlanta from San Antonio and everything was going smoothly...until... Emma and I 👯 got off the tram at the wrong stop. Where was PC you ask? Back on the tram...waving goodbye!✌🏾 I looked at Emma, she looked at me... I looked at her and said let's make a run for it!🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ So I'm not sure if you've been to the Atlanta airport before, but it's huge! When I suggested we run for it, I didn't know we would be running a quarter mile! Poor Emma... she just had to suck it up and run with me...and for that I will be forever grateful LOL. Meanwhile, PC is chilling in the AC...a nice leisurely ride to the our gate. Emma and I made it to our gate with minutes to spare..BEFORE PC, by the way. Out of breath, but we made it!

From there, we flew into Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana ( that's right, that's the way you're supposed to say it!) right into the loving arms of customs. 👮🏾‍♀️Which were actually pretty loving... so here we are with our broken Spanish 🙄...trying to tell the customs officers that we're here for a mission trip. We failed miserably, but by God's supernatural grace...or the officer's patience wearing thin, WE GOT IN! I'll never forget losing my baggage sticker and freaking out for a quick second... guys they can use your passport to match your bag! DON'T loose your sticker, but if you do, it's okay... 🙅🏾DONT LOOSE YOUR PASSPORT! This was the FIRST grace of the trip! And who's sweet face did I see as soon as we came out of customs?!? Bryanna  (who happens to be perfect in every way!) Our group met up with the Hampton team and we headed to the village (6 hour drive...yay).

It was pretty late when we arrived in the village so we mostly talked and hung up our mosquito nets (I had two by the way...not zika for me!) Everything happened so fast, it's pretty much a blur of the rest of the night. I felt like the whole way there the LORD placed the words GROW. HEAL. REVEAL on my heart...what areas do I need to grow in? What parts of my heart needed to heal? How will this trip reveal more of my calling? #growhealreveal Day ONE was awesome! Check back for Day TWO!