Getcho Life

Yesterday I became a Certified Professional Life Coach through The Life Coach Institute of San Antonio! Yay! 😊

Earlier this year I made an intentional effort to be fully committed to pursing Jesus in all the facets of my life. Through this pruning process, I have had the opportunity to share advice and support family, friends and even strangers regarding setting and crushing goals, life mapping and identity development... all of which is done through a biblical lens of grace 🙌🏾. Asking questions like, how do you see yourself? What does Jesus say about you? Is your current life path conducive to your ultimate calling? I have the confidence in providing support to these questions because I too have been asked to examine my own life ( I hear you fairy God- father, PC 😇).

I believe the answer to these questions requires tons of self reflection and support which provide stepping stones to success on your life journey... that's where I come in. 😉 Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off of... someone who will guide you towards truth and reality. I use truth and reality because although the truth is in fact the truth, YOUR reality is viewed through YOUR perspective lens (channeling my inter Pastor Chris 😜). Which means there may be a better one, you just may need someone to support you in seeing a different way to look at a situation (shoot maybe you need God's perspective).

If you meet the following criteria, you DON'T need a Life Coach.

  1. You are some superhuman mermaid unicorn 🦄
  2. Your life is absolutely perfect and you see no need to better yourself
  3. You have life ALL figured out🤔
  4. Can't nobody tell you nothin
  5. You never doubt yourself and accomplished everything you wanted to in life😶

That's right, EVERYONE needs a Life Coach! Nobody is perfect, nobody has it all figured out, you have unlimited potential that just may need a little support. 😝 I decided to become a Life Coach because the main purpose of hustlemeetgrace is to help people, especially Millennials go beyond good into great. Now, with this certification, I have the credentials to provide Christian based consulting as a part of my ministry and the hustlemeetsgrace platform.  The future of hustlemeetsgrace is bright, but YOUR future is even brighter. Hit me up if you want to collaborate or connect 👸🏾.

XO, Jaz Burgess, M.Ed, BC- ELC <- peep the new credentials tho.😎

** special shout out to my TRiO team who also received their credentials and supported my crazy idea of getting certified. Cheers to my co-worker friend,  John for being our class valedictorian. He's so famous ya'll!