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It's always good to check in with yourself every so often to see how you're feeling...what you're learning... what areas you want to grow in. I spend half of my life aimlessly wandering with no direction, but not anymore. I have dream; I have goals and these aspirations require evaluation. How else will I know who I am or where I'm going.

My Line

God is doing some really cool things in this season of my life. One of the most loving things He can do as a Father is to challenge us for greatness. Lately, I feel like the Lord is really challenging me to let go of control...ya'll I have issues and need deliverance! He's allowing me so many awesome experiences so that I can take these lessons into the next chapter in my life. It feels almost like I'm in a catapult right before it's released. The Lord is really growing me in spiritually, personally and in friendship. One of the areas I'm working on is developing the discipline to hide things in my heart...so you'll have to wait for more details on that.


As you know I just became a Life Coach about a week ago (week ago! LOL). It was such a blast getting trained and I really think it's going to add another layer to hustlemeetsgrace. In my full time position, I get to be a Life Coach to about 62 awesomely creative and inspiring college students (Freshmen -Seniors) which has been the most rewarding job EVER. Now that I have my actual certification, I'm also pleased to announce that I am now available for FREE life consultations. This is a huge step in building the foundation of my brand and my overall ministry. Let me know if you're interested.

What I'm Reading:

Ya'll, I have a book problem... there was a time when the majority of my coins would go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon...now I have all of these books that need to be read. Literally stacks and stacks...racks on racks on racks!

  • I've been going a chronological study bible which is giving me so much life. I just finished Genesis and Job... Okay first of all, have you ever read through Job, like from beginning to end? This was my first time, I never noticed how magnificent the imagery of God's might was until I read it in Job. Talk about a Good,Good Father yo! Like what tha what?
  • I'm also reading a book called "Tough Questions"  an apologetics book about questions you may be asked as a Christian. This came about when I was asked how to explain the Holy Trinity and how Jesus is God. I was able to give an answer, but I didn't think it was a strong response. Obviously, I can't know everything (that's where the grace comes in). It's really impacted me and has been an intimate journey studying this. It's definitely building my spiritual muscles.
... And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.
— 1 Peter 3:15 NLT

Scripture tells us that we should be able to give an account, so I need to know how to formulate some kind of solid explanation.

Life in these Streets

Life has been so busy lately so I haven't really spent much time in the San Antonio streets. I've been working a lot and doing a lot at church during the week so when I get a free minute I try to retreat in my apartment ... homebody problems. I did however get an opportunity to go back home to visit my parents on Father's Day weekend. I've been trying to be more intentional about relationship building with my immediate family, so going back to the 512 was EVERYTHING. My sisters and I finally got some time together and rode bikes downtown. My middle sister "Little" has been dying to take pictures at famous Austin landmarks so we went and had a super fun time! Plus we got a legit workout in...7 miles to be exact.

Well, that's basically my life at the moment. I hope this encourages you to evaluate your life and remember, those dreams won't be accomplished by staying the same... you're so worth it, your future is worth it! XO