Will Power vs. Why Power

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak to a group of incredible ladies getting ready to embark on a new weight- loss journey with the Burn It In 30 program (More on #burnitin30 coming soon)🔥.  When Marcela Freeman, creator and founder of the Burn It In 30 program asked me if I had any words of encouragement for the ladies, I felt honored, especially since I was sitting exactly were they were a little than a year ago. 

When I thought about what I would share with the ladies, several topics came to mind, but I wanted to leave them with something that they could take with them and remember when times got hard. Let's face it, we all say we want to be in great shape, be healthier...so what do we do? We get a gym membership or join a program...we even get new workout clothes and everything...we go so hard for about a month (and that's generous) ,but then...PIZZA happens 🍕! Or someone has the audacity to have birthday 🎂! So rude! We KNOW we have goals, but we also know we LOVE tacos! The struggle is so real😩...and don't even get me started on wine. There's always something that wants to keeping us from being great . 

That's when I started thinking about the difference between will power and why power

will power-initial desire to start working towards a goal or dream

why power- internal perpetual motivation beyond surface level desire

What's the difference?  Let's start with WILL POWER for a second, will power is something we activate when we decide...HEY! We need to get our lives together! You already have the will, you wouldn't be spending your hard earned coin 🤑 and putting yourself through the torture of sore muscles if you weren't willing. But somewhere along the way, the will starts to decrease...why is that? We need more...we need a reason WHY! Will power is where you start, but WHY power is why you continue. What are you doing this for?

You have to know what your WHY is because often times when our will gets mixed with the emotions of life ... a hard day at work, kids driving you crazy, argument with your boyfriend ...etc at the end of the day all you may have at is your why. There's no more will left.

Why are you doing this?  Is it because you want to be around for your kids and grandkids? Do you want to break a generational curse of diabetes or heart disease in your family history?  Your why goes beyond an initial emotion...your why has to be bigger than you.

Once you find your why, nothing will stop you from your goals. It becomes bigger than you, it begins to intertwine with your legacy. You decide! What's your why?