#doit 17 | California

This year I told myself that I wanted to travel more and God came through making it possible for me to fly around the US from practically free.

Today is literally the first time I've seen my apartment in about a week. This trip has been one of my favorites so far, why you ask?! Well, only because I've been trying to get to California since I was 8 years old. I'm not sure where my love for California came from, but I've always wanted to go there... it just seemed magical.🦄 

Top 5 things I learned from Cali

  1. I can travel alone and NOT get kidnapped. This was my first time venturing out by myself with no one to meet up with on the other end. I did it ALL my myself!😅
  2. The people in Long Beach are so nice... or maybe I was just extra nice.😜
  3. Being healthy is a way of life. There were so much healthy yummy food options to choose from 🍏🍈🍅🍇🍉. It's so easy to eat well there, which can also turn into eating too much. LOL
  4. AirBnB and UBER are the way to go when you travel.🤑 I stayed in a hotel while in Long Beach, but I stayed in a nice AirBnB in Los Angeles and ubered everywhere while I was there. I only spent about $100 for 3 nights and almost all of my uber rides were on average $2 (uberPOOL). Save your coin!
  5. I want to move there, I love it so much!


Location rating: 10 out of 10 * for REAL