#doit 17 | Minnesota

First of all, I'm sure your wondering... Why Minnesota? Good question, one I also asked myself. I work for a department that has a budget specifically set aside for staff travel and it was brought to my boss's attention that we needed to spend money. Yay for spending money... Boo for being restricted on what you can spend money on. 

Anyway, while I was on vacation (see: "#doit17| VIRGINA), my boss confirmed a trip to a conference in Minnesota for me 😮. At first I thought it was a joke ... I would NEVER choose MN as a place to travel... #1 reason= snow.  Again... I HATE snow! I was reluctant about the trip because it seemed like the plot out of the movie "Get Out", which I was advised NOT to see before my trip.

Top 5 Things I learned from visiting Minnesota

  1. It's pretty much ALWAYS cold, except for in the summer...which would be cool if the mesquitos weren't the size of birds.  

  2. There are black people in MN...like 2 or 3... 👀👀👀 Of course I looked for the black people as soon as I got off of the airplane...there were none. Trust me I looked...high and low💁🏾. When I got to the conference site... I found 3 girls (we quickly formed a sister circle).

  3. God provides...sometimes in the form of Shake Shack. The best part of my trip was the Mall of America...every store you could ever think of was there. It was also my first time trying Shake Shack 🍔 which was a Godsend.

  4. Most Delta planes have wifi! Did you know that if you download the "GoGo Entertainment" app on your wifi enabled plane, you can watch movies the whole flight...and I'm talking new movies too, if it's in the Redbox that is. I watched Central Intelligence, Bad Moms and Finding Dori...FOR FREE on my flights.

  5. If someone offers you " Seven Layer Salad" say no..."Walleye fish" say no..."Hot Dish" Heck nahhhhhh RUN! 

Location rating: 2 out of 10 *and that's generous!