2017 Wrap Up

wrap up.jpg

Mama we made it! It's that time of year when everyone is reflecting everything that happen and setting shiny new goals. You know, I've always loved this time of year because it seems to bring out the best in people...maybe it's because it feels like a reset button or a blank slate- I don't know, but I love it. So in true end of the year fashion, it's only right that I share some 2017 insights.

Ya'll remember 2016 right? It sucked. I remember petitioning the LORD about how 2017 had to be better...I mean you can only go up from rock bottom right? Ya'll I was soooo right. And God was so faithful to bring it to pass. I started 2017 with hopes of an awesome year of fun and growth and it has been nothing short of amazing! Part of the reason 2017 was so great was because my mindset. I was determined to not waste this year and all of the experiences it held. I was intentional about allowing myself grace to figure it out along the way and actually allow myself to feel for one of the first times in my life. If you know me, you know I'm not a feeler, but God is working on me ya'll. That's the whole point of hustlemeetsgrace remember?

One of the biggest things I learned this year is...

This is my life.

Duh right?!? This seems like common sense and it is, but I haven't been living like it. In 2016 I allowed too many outside influences to dictate what my quality of life would be like, but not this year! In 2017, after 3 years of living my life in the shadow of fear and feelings of unworthiness, I decided to take my life back. This is a process and no where near finished, but for the first time ever I was intentional about figuring out who am I, what I want out of life, my limitations and strengths. I did this through journaling (seriously I could write several books), counseling and biblical community. I remember praying for vulnerability follow God blindly wherever He may take me and I feel like doing this has allowed me to get my life back.

So what's next for 2018...

1. Now that I've been given new tools- it's time to use them. Like the meme says:

2016- caterpillar

2017- cocoon

2018- butterfly

2. Refreshing the Hustle Meets Grace brand- new site, new services, new resources <3

3. Following the yellow brick road- God has a calling on my life and I'm chasing it down, you have a calling too...let's go!

4. Let's collaborate- all my friends are doing really cool things, lets work together

Thanks for sticking with me this year and supporting the hustlemeetsgrace brand, it's only up from here! xo