hustle: the risk, grind and initiative to put in the work to become better

grace: God's unmerited favor; allowing yourself the space to grow, change and to not always have it all together

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hey ya’ll, it's Jaz!

I'm an Austin, Texas native put on the earth to preach the gospel and to love people well. I’ve been called to reach the non traditional, free- thinkers and go- getters all in the name of Jesus.

because God isn’t limited to the boxes we try to put him in sis.

I’m your local blogger bae, photog friend, gospelpreacher// yogateacher and image bearer of Christ.

What started as a place to document my own personal Jesus journey, the hustlemeetsgrace platform has grown into a ministry that focuses on spreading the gospel to the ends of the Earth in whatever ways we can.

Will we be perfect?- NO!

Will God be glorified?- Absolutely!

Let’s go!